Maternity, newborn, babies and children:

We capture photographs that show the special relationships shared between moms, dads and their new babies. Black and white artistic style photography is offered in our home studio which creates a relaxed atmosphere for you and your baby. No rushing, no back to back appointments. As your baby grows, we offer sessions that let your baby express their unique personality with outside or studio sessions. Fine art, heirloom gallery-wrapped canvasses and traditional print options are available.

Our photography sessions are all unique experiences that are made even more special with your creative contributions. Please feel free to bring along any clothing or fabric that has a special meaning or makes you feel beautiful. Also, you are welcome to bring partners, children and pets. If you aren't sure, just bring it or call one of us. 

Tips for your maternity session:

  • Schedule your photo session on a day that you, your husband and children (if they are going to be in the shoot)
    will be relaxed and well rested.
  • At least two hours before our shoot, please try to remove anything tight to prevent strap marks from appearing
    on your skin.
  • Eat a light snack before the shoot.
  • Make-up should be light and natural looking. A light foundation, blush etc. to even out skin tones is perfect.
    Excessive eyeliner or eye shadow can look very dark in your portrait.
  • Special jewelry is a nice accessory to the photographs. If you have questions, just bring it along.
  • Hair should be fixed so you are comfortable with it.
  • Feel free to bring anything that you feel good in or want to be included in the photograph, including flowers or
    special clothing, such as scarves, shawls, veils.
  • If you are being photographed with your husband, please have him bring or wear dark pants and a solid
    dark shirt, long sleeved is a good choice. Mothers should bring a dark maternity skirt and black cardigan sweater
    and tank top -- something to cover the breasts but still expose the belly.


Tips for newborn sessions:

  • Schedule your photo session on a day that you or your children will be relaxed and well rested. Babies and toddlers are often at their best right after a nap.
  • Have everyone eat a light snack before the shoot. There is time during the shoot for breast feeding if it is needed.
  • Clothing should be a solid color except white, without writing or branding, unless that is the purpose of the shoot. If in doubt, just bring it and we can decide while we are shooting.
  • Make-up and jewelry are fine. If in doubt just bring it and we can decide when we are shooting.
  • On the day of our shoot, mothers should consider not wearing a bra to prevent marks from the bra straps if photographs with the baby are taken with only skin showing.
  • Bring the babies and children's favorite toys to help distract them if they should become fussy.